What is MariaDB & top reasons to migrate from MySQL

Hi folks, you may definitely have heard of MySQL. The most Popular relation database management system but what if we say you to migrate to MariaDB as soon as possible! Lets get started.

What is MariaDB and top reasons to migrate from MySQL ASAP! AndroidChirag.com

What is MariaDB? How it is born?

Well MariaDB = MySQL, It is developed by original team of MySQL creators. So why they made another DBMS (Database Management System) when there is MySQL already? There is a big reason for this, MySQL was created for personal use but soon it becomes the best solution for enterprise DBMS. MySQL was bought by Sun Microsystems for $1 million (~Rs.6.4 crores). MySQL was growing, with all the experts at Sun Microsystems MySQL keep evolving to more stable and faster versions. But in late 2009 Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle after getting approval from the European Commission in late 2009, which initially stopped the transaction due to concerns that such a merger would harm the database markets as MySQL was the main competitor of Oracle’s database product.

There is a great chance that Oracle will discontinue MySQL as an open-source DBMS, or MySQL will not get regular security/performance updates so the original developer forked the MySQL as MariaDB. (Fork means creating a clone of open-source software/hardware/etc to make custom modifications to it.)

It means, MariaDB will stay open-source forever, and will grow more rapidly as original developers are working on it. No matter what will Oracle decides tomorrow, MariaDB will stay free, faster and more reliable.

AndroidChirag is running on MariaDB and we migrated from MySQL to MariaDB on our Raspberry Pi too, we will write post on how to migrate on Pi.

Top reasons to migrate from MySQL! As soon As Possible…

1) MariaDB development is more open and vibrant

To be short and to the point, Most of the original developers of MySQL resigned from Oracle in order to develop MariaDB. MariaDB is rapidly improving as compared to development of MySQL.

New updates of Debian (Linux operating system) includes MariaDB instead of MySQL.

2)Quicker and more transparent security releases
3)More cutting edge features
4)More storage engines
5)Better performance

6) MariaDB is MySQL

MariaDB = MySQL

Unlike other migration, migration to MariaDB is just like a regular update. As MariaDB is made from MySQL, it is compatible with all MySQL (<5.6) applications. No new commands, It’s same as before but we can’t guarantee MariaDB will be compatible with MySQL 5.7 so migrate now.


Installation is easy as updating system on Unix/Linux system but it may be complex on windows software like WAMP.

For Debian

first update the system…

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

then install MariaDB

sudo apt-get install mariadb-server

follow instructions and it will automatically migrate everything from MySQL. but we recommend removing mysql first because we faced some issues when directly updated…

make a backup of your DB(s)

sudo apt-get remove -purge mysql-common

sudo apt-get install mariadb-server


Installation for your system may differ, please check the official documentation.

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