Reality Of Mr.Robot, Is it all Real?

Reality Of Mr.Robot, Is it all Real?

Reality Of Mr.Robot, Is it all Real?

Hi folks welcome again,

You know Elliot Anderson?, or you may know Mr.Robot?

They are characters from the award winning USA TV show Mr.Robot. Are we here to discuss about awards?, No. We are here to discuss whether the hacks shown in the show is real or not. If you can be Mr.Robot or not.

Mr.Robot hacked into email accounts, social network accounts, computers, phones, lives of his friends, Co-workers, boss, boss of boss, doctors. He is drug addict but top 1% of the hackers.

We gonna discus from the beginning and I will try to explain all technical term.

Mr.Robot Hacking the Ron’Cafe:

He said to Ron that he liked his cafe because the got a Gigabit Internet (A very fast network, Supporting transfer speed of 1GB/Sec) But he can’t stop himself to dig into his network, He started sniffing his Network (Sniffing is called monitoring all the Data packets emitted by other users on the WiFi network). This is the reality, Sniffing is possible and is the first attack hacker start with, it called information gathering. There are lot of Sniffing tools available on internet but the best that most of the Pro hackers use is WireShark.


Then he talked about TOR, which Ron was using to anonymous his illegal servers. Tor is basically a program that keeps you untraceable on the internet, It encrypts your data and then route through multiple countries through the globe, You can learn more at google. It’s called Onion Routing. Mr.Robot said he get into Tor to own Ron’s server, Tor Data can have 1024 bit encryption. which is nearly impossible to break in this age unless you have a supercomputer lying in your backyard. But  he breaks into a Node (Onion Server) from where he can steal the encryption key to decrypt the data. This thing is real and can be possible, Even few days ago I saw a hacker successfully hacked a  onion server. But Mr.Robot said he hacked a lot of Onion Servers to get his whole traffic, which seems quite off reality.

Hacking the Emails & Other Accounts:

He gets into all of his victims account so easily because they are venerable to these. He found the least secured account and Brute-force it. As usually people use same password for all their accounts, he needs to hack one and all of the rest he got into prize. Brute Forcing is a method used since the starting of the hacking world. Enhanced Security these days along with Capcha , making it difficult to perform brute force but still it can be used at lot of place. This thing is real but takes  a lot of time to give you the password, Mr. Robot got the passwords within 10sec because it’s a show.

Hacking the Car:

This thing real too, The got a device that scans (Snipping) all the low frequency radio signals there. They record the car remote signal to unlock the car. And then connected to the car’s computer (Yes car has his own computer, which checks if keys are authorized or not, Anti theft functions.) They hack it to start the engine, don’t ask me how to do it, I never stole a car 😛

As whole season hacks can not be explained in one post, Rest will be explained in part 2. Tell us if we had made a mistake somewhere or wrong anywhere. comment your quires, reactions and stuff so we can be motivated to write part two for you. 😀


All he hacks the Mr.Robot used and mentioned above are real, in some cases modified to look entertaining.

These stuff are easy and devices available on Amazon. but we don’t advice you to do these stuff as they are illegal if done without any permission. We don’t promote anything illegal, everything is for education purpose solely in context with Public TV Show Mr.Robot.


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