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Moto E 2nd Gen Review Pros & Cons

Moto E Review
Moto E Review

I got a new Motrola Moto E 2nd generation phone because my bag broke my Nokia Lumia’s Glass. Nokia Lumia breaks easily. The moto E is amazing. That is why I thought to share my experience with you. In this review I tried to cover as many things as possible. You may find answers for your questions like whether I should buy a Moto E or not?, ETC.

I created a list of pro and cons and I didn’t forgot to mention the feature I did expected in it. Both the pro and cons list are  similar in no of items but you can’t ignore what you are getting in this budget. I am fully satisfied with it.
Lets Begin with unboxing the Moto e from the box. 😀

OK, Now we have unboxed our phone and inserted a sim into it and it’s ready to rock.    The first thing which make me crazy while using Moto e is it’s display.


HD Display
HD Display

It is a 4.5″ 540 x 960 IPS LCD display with a 245 PPI pixel density. It’s super clear and feels like retina display. The Colour are correct and screen is bright enough to stand in sunlight, that’s another thing that glass start reflecting your face in the sunlight. Now we opened the camera.


Twist to unlock camera
Twist to unlock camera
Low Light Imaging
Low Light Imaging

The camera can be easily accessed from locked phone by quickly twisting your wrist twice. The Moto E comes with 5MP rear camera and 0.3MB front camera. There is no flash. the camera takes clear photos in the room light at night. Well you can take photos in low light too. It is not like the old phone which only shows black colour. The camera score is OK in the room light but when you take photos in sunlight, The pictures start talking. The rear camera photo average size is about 1.2 MB and 400 KB for front. The best part is It’s Cat Friendly 😀

Cat Friendly Selfies
Cat Friendly Selfies (1)
Cat Friendly Selfies

The shutter speed is fast enough to take multiple shots in a second but then photos become blurred. The camera needs time about 1-2 sec to make focus. There should be a option to increase the shutter speed or a smart camera app to take clear pictures. Well I shot 100 of pictures in a week and many of them (1/6) got blurred. I like the rear camera more than front one. This thing is clear when you try to capture some papers or written stuff. Well after getting this phone I also got an craze of taking selfies, I have taking more than 200 pictures. Overall we will give camera a score of 4/5 for this budget phone. I look awesome in this low mega pixel camera 😀 this is not same with 16 mega pixel camera that shows oil on your skin 😛

After camera lets take it’s speed test.


Well for techno geeks I say it is being powered by 1.2 GHz quad core snapdragon processor with 1GB RAM. For ordinary people I say it is fast as lightning and rarely hang :V . For starting up we transferred some HD videos from the USB cable(Not Included). The transfer speed was quite fast. Most of the HD videos plays nicely with the default video players. When It’s come to play some thing really HD  or say ultra HD with streaming 5.4 MB/Sec I found the video to be lag for few sec but the music was not interrupted. I don’t see this thing as a drawback, will you trying to get iPhone for that budget?

We also played some HD games like Temple Run on full visual quality and it was like a hot knife in the butter. 😀


I don’t know what to say about this thing, It’s the heart of the phone. It impressed me but also betrayed me :O Well the battery life is amazing, I played games and see HD videos for hours and the battery doesn’t drained so much. But one day it betrayed me, I was in class at 10 AM. Battery was at 40%. At 2 PM it gives me a vibration in my pocket and goes off. The time at which I needed it, I found it dead. And then later on, It takes a lot of time to even start. It indicated battery 0% for hours.

I found fast battery draining over the WiFi. I haven’t used the phone with the 3G/2G modem on. It can be a game changer as on my Micromax Canvas A1 (Android One) which is not like anything (Long battery life) when the 3G/2G modem is off but when we enable the mobile data it becomes a looser.


Moto E has all it’s speaker behind a metallic grill which is in front. The voice quality during the call is great but we found that the music sound is cracking on high volumes. Well we like the concept of speakers in front. It gives us feeling while playing games and movies. Like other phones, Speakers are not blocked while it is played somewhere.

[Body Design]

It’s Marvelous 😀 Easy to hold and use for hours. The cavity with Motorola’s logo is great place to put your finger. Round corners looks sexy.

Cons !

Overall the phone is good under this budget but there are some things that need to be fixed.

1. Hotspot Access

Hotspot option from locked screen
Hotspot option from locked screen

From the eyesight of a security researcher, I found that anybody can make access to notification panel and enable hotspot from the locked screen. Well if you have mobile data enabled  anyone can use your internet for free. Not only internet as the WiFi hotspot will give direct access to your phone, If the person is a hacker he/she can use any exploits to hack your phone.

[You may like to learn Ethical Hacking]

2. Moto Active Display / Notification LED

Moto E can show notification when you touch your phone or lift it up. This is very annoying when the phone is placed beside you on bed or sofa and the screen lit up every time when you move. This is very irritating when you are trying to sleep. Thanks for proving option to disable it.

Do you know Moto E has a LED light but disabled for notifications? Read it here. There should be option to enable the LED light to show notification instead of that active display.

3. Camera

Well as mentioned above, The camera takes time to make focus and gives blurred images which result in low quality pictures. Motorola should work on the camera hardware or imply my suggestions as mentioned above or both 😀

4. Speakers

The cracking sound on loud volumes as mentioned above. Plus the sound feels like we are listing to mono (Single) channel (Speaker), There is nothing like Surround sound or right-left speakers like in my Samsung Champ.

5. Battery

As from my experience, It is not a easy task to wake up your phone when your battery is fully exhausted. The phone  continue to show battery 0% charged for more than half an hour.

6. Bugs

I found a lot of bug in Moto E but I can publish them currently, I will publish them as soon as Motorola reply for the same.

Expected Features:-

1. Advance Customization

There is no option to change the vibration rhythm or pattern, nor we can add our own ringtone. 🙁

There is no pre-installed live wallpapers.

2. LED Notification light

[Hidden Feature] Moto E had a LED Light! How to control it?
[Hidden Feature] Moto E had a LED Light! How to control it?
The controversial LED light should be enabled for notifications.

3. Data Cable

There is no USB Data Cable with the phone :/

I hope You Love My Review, you should definitely buy this phone.

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