See This Computer Frying USB

See This Computer Frying USB

Curious to fly burn someone’s Computer or USB device? because you don’t like it. Now you can do that with this USB Pen drive. If you want i can gift you this on Christmas for you computer 😛 .

See This Computer Frying USB
Computer Frying USB

This computer flying USB, Which contain unusual payload is invented by a Russian security researcher known as “Dark Purple”.

It does not hack the computer but instead send a -220v signal into a signal lines of the USB interface. Usually an USB lines has 5v-12v of current which is very less as compared to this USB. That is how it fry the hardware.

Imagine connecting a light bulb to a high voltage overhead lines 😀 instead of normal household power line, The same thing will happen when you connect this USB.

Dark Purple claims in a Russian-language blog post that the attack is not just limited to computers, but can used to incapacitate almost any equipment equipped with a USB drive.

See the Computer Frying USB in action 🙂

Here is Dark Purple’s video, where he demonstrates how USB Killer v2.0 bricking a Lenovo Thinkpad X60 laptop:


Dark Purple says that you shouldn’t worry too much about his broken laptop. He claims that “he will live” and a new motherboard is on the way. He thinks it is “extremely unlikely” that the hard disk was damaged, and so it should still be possible to access the data stored on the drive.

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What if your friend got this USB?

Be Safe And protected and never insert any USB in your devices which have unknown origins.

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