WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars

WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars

Sometime ago, A personal assistance feature is seen in Hike Messenger named as Natasha. Natasha can chat with you, Search Wikipedia and do lots more cool things 🙂 .

As great user demand a similar feature is added to WhatsApp. WhatsApp named its personal assistance Tars. This name is taken from super hit Bollywood move `Interstellar`. In this movie Tars is a artificial intelligent robot which help astronauts to pass through a black hole and find us a new home. Whenever you got time you should see this movie.

WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars
Tars, From the Hollywood movie “Interstellar”.

Tars is a startup in Bangalore, India.  It’s a sort of artificial intelligence program which is partially based on the local agents to work. TARS personal assistant is available to you from 10 AM to 10 PM. It can do anything like doing a Google search, Making phone calls and Reservations, Read through reviews, Compare prices, Order a Pizza, Call for a Plumber or Cab, Meaning of any word, ETC.

How Do You Use WhatsApp’s Tars?

The process is extremely user-friendly and time saving. All you have to do is, save (Use Share To unlock button below to get Tars Number 🙂 ) to your contact and just send a ‘Hello TARS’ message through WhatsApp. Put forth your query and receive the response accordingly, quickly.

WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars
WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars
WhatsApp Introduces A Personal Assistance: Tars

It will ask you the relevant information like your mail or address the first time it needs to serve you. After that, TARS knows and remembers who you are. The services are offered throughout the week from 10 AM to 10 PM.

[realcontentlocker title=”Share to Get Tars Phone Number”]Tars: 9900876785[/realcontentlocker]

Are its Services Chargeable?

Payment will depend on the kind of service demanded. For query like – “Which are the best dining places in any specific area? Tars would furnish a list of best known restaurants in that locality. Also, it would offer its own suggestions, based on its expertise. Chat services like this, are totally free.

If you want to book a train ticket or order for a product, the service would be chargeable. Tars will take care of the entire process except the transaction. For payment, it will send you a secured payment link powered by Instamojo where you can fill up the details. The booking would be made on your behalf. There won’t be any booking charges or additional/hidden charges, rather it adds relevant coupons too, if applicable.

Currently TARS’s database is updated with Bangalore city only but you can still use it if you live in different city. Agents of TARS use Google search to get the best results for you. It has only been a few month that its services have been rolled out. Given the fact that it is a newbie in the market, its back-end services are still at their workshop stage.

As of now the service is free of cost but, in future there is a strong possibility that the service will be paid. If they keep it free, they may charge commissions on orders placed through TARS.

If you are lazy enough. Don’t worry let tars message you instead you first save his number and say him hello.

Just visit WhatsApp’s TARS official website and add you mobile number and TARS will Message you.

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