Get Scary performances on Android

Get Scary performances on Android

Get Scary performances on Android
Get Scary performances on Android

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Today I got a awesome solution to Get Scary Performances on android. We will tweak your devices to get most out of it. It’s a modification I have found on XDA-Developers. It has good ratings and positive feedback.

It’s developers claims that it is not a ordinary performance engine which only adds some features to Android but a collection of all ordinary engines that will tweak Android System at 360° to give you scary performances.

Features :-

  • Android Performance Improved At 360°
  • Better RAM Management To Prevent Hanging
  • Various Scripts Revised and Light Weighted
  • Improves Graphics
  • Multimedia Scan Time Dramatically Reduced
  • Networking Improved, 3G Experience even in 2G
  • All SQlite  Databases Optimized
  • Enable Hardware Features Turned Off By Default For a Better Experience On Entry Level Devices
  • Reduced The Android Start up Time
  • A version for Stock ROM and one for CM, to squeeze any ROM!
  • Cleans the system every 24 hours, thecache every week and the Dalvik every month


  • Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
  • Check the activities that consume too much battery stop them
  • When the phone is charging reduces system services for faster charging
  • The battery is calibrated on every boot
  • Disable animation of the system when the battery is nearly exhausted
  • Improvements in build.prop as regards the part of consumption

Read Even More Features on original MOD post


This engine works on any devices with any ROM, but there is a version for CM’s ROM and one for stock based firmwares. So, CMx.x, Lewa Os, MIUI, etc.
Install the stock version only on your stock firmware of your phone….
if your device don’t have gingerbread or ICS officially, install the CM version (This also applies to the AOSP)

To Know More about ROM and other things CLICK HERE


[realcontentlocker ]Click Here to go to the original MOD post to Download and Read full features.[/realcontentlocker]


Installing This MOD You May Requires ROOT Access. Read More

Make Sure To Have A Backup First

You Need TO FLASH The MOD Zip.


For any queries and feedback, Comment below.

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