What Is Android Rooting? Fully Explained

What Is Android Rooting? Fully Explained
What Is Android Rooting? Fully Explained

What Is Android Rooting?

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Do you know What Is Android Rooting? No, Don’t worry it is fully explained here.

Android is a Linux derived Operating System. In Linux rooting means to gain full access to software and hardware, No one can stop you from doing anything. Sound Pretty cool? Let’s see this thing in some detail.

Android itself controls the whole hardware, It is customized by the device manufacturers according to the device but sometimes it comes with some pre-installed useless app that can not be uninstalled and runs in background to fill your RAM making your device slow, They are called Stock Apps. The default factory installed Android is called Stock ROM.  Many times stock ROM prevents processor to cross a certain limit cause hanging your device and sometimes drains the battery. After rooting we can remove these stock apps to make our device faster and can unlock processor to make our device faster than before or to increase battery life.

Advantages Of Rooting Android*:-

  • Increased Battery life
  • Increased RAM (Virtual RAM)
  • Increased Performance
  • Can Install Custom ROMs
  • Can Install Custom Themes
  • Can Change Boot Animation
  • Get The Updates Before Your Manufacturer Release Them
  • Improved Networking
  • Can Run HD Games without hanging or lagging
  • ETC – There is no limits of advantages….

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android:-

  • Warranty is void.
  • Can damage your device if anything done wrong.
  • Data is lost if no backup is taken.
  • Can Brick your device if done wrong
  • Overheating may arises due to misuse or over use.

How To Root Android?

Android Rooting is just a game of a kid. It’s so easy to Root most of the Android devices, Complications arises with some Low end or chines devices but believe me they can be also rooted with right tools. You can Comment below your device and we will try to come up with a rooting tutorial for your device if it was not on Android Chirag before.


Rooting allows use to unlock the potentials of our device and go beyond the limits. Rooting cause loss of warranty. Many people root there devices and get a better feedback with out any problems, Even I also use a rooted device I have no problem with it, It’s better than before. If anythings breaks we can always restore to Stock ROM with a backup. Never Do Anything without reading the full article and comments.

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Warning: Rooting always have potential to break your devices, Be Careful, Do At Your Own Risk

* Advantages depends on the modification you done or the ROM you install. 

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